At Polyscope, we have a long history of developing innovative solutions. We acquired our versatile SMA production facility in 2006, along with a database of decades of research on SMA. Indeed, several people in the Polyscope family have worked at this facility since it was built in the 1980s. Since our founding, we have continued to expand our portfolio, resulting in the broadest polymer offering in the world.

Polyscope lab

The XIBOND® portfolio is the result of our extensive expertise in optimizing polymer blends. The highly functional styrenics in the portfolio provide solutions for virgin and recycled blends that optimize blend properties. Our team has developed a selection tool that can help you find the right XIBOND® for your specific need, and we keep our network fully up-to-date on all new developments.


To meet the increasing need for optimized formulation, we constantly strive to improve our product performance, and our skilled technical team continuously researches to help the industry convert its challenges to innovative solutions. We partner with several universities and institutes to obtain new data on our products and provide universities with sample materials to support fundamental research.