Accelerate your development

With product innovation cycles growing faster each day across the chemicals industry, efficient development is essential to achieve speedy time-to-market and commercial viability. But, all too often limited capacity and long testing procedures slow down this process. That’s why we developed XIBOX: a service that takes care of the pre-screening process for you.

Sustainable innovation opportunities

Quicker time-to-market lets you explore new sustainable innovation opportunities such as upcycling.

Service-oriented model

We support with your processes – whether you need a full development partnership or just some extra assistance.

Faster time-to-market

Efficient, reliable development means you can get to market as fast as possible.

Shorter development times

By letting us handle pre-screening, you enjoy shorter development times.

How can XIBOX help?

That’s why we developed XIBOX: a service that takes care of the pre-screening process for you. Simply send us a confidential sample of your material. We’ll then evaluate which of our products would be best for your formulation and use our dedicated micro-compounder for small-scale screening to find the right combination of materials. That means shorter development times and quicker sales.

We’ll involve you as much or as little as you like. So, whether you just need some extra assistance, or you’re looking for a full development partnership, XIBOX is here for you.

Who is XIBOX for?

XIBOX is for all existing and prospective Polyscope customers. 
It’s currently optimized for customers of our Performance Enhancers business unit including plastics converters, compounders, and upcyclers. However, this is just a starting point. We are continuously working to optimize XIBOX for customers across all our business units, such as those in the injection molding, coatings, and automotive industries.

Supporting sustainable innovation

By minimizing your time-to-market, XIBOX enables you to explore a wider range of innovation opportunities - including sustainable projects.  In particular, our service is ideal for supporting the emerging upcycling market. By having a variety of polymer combinations tested, you can be confident that your recycled-based materials are safe, effective, and of sufficiently high quality. In this way, XIBOX can help you contribute to the circular economy and a better future for society.

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